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The Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam explores the relation between film, city and architecture. In twelve editions, AFFR has matured into a leading international podium for films about architecture, urban development and the built environment. AFFR brings together not only a broad public from The Netherlands but also city lovers, students, researchers, designers and film makers from all over the world, all of whom engage with one another in debate about the past, present and future of the city.

The theme of AFFR 2021 is More than Houses: The United Nations has calculated that over two billion homes need to be built this century to accommodate the rising population of the planet. With a spectacular selection of films and documentaries about the city and architecture, the thirteenth edition of AFFR will explore the parallel worlds emerging behind the walls of our homes, and how they are shaping the society for which we are building. In a series of introductions by experts, conversations with filmmakers, and debates with people involved, AFFR will question the home as an isolated cell and highlight the dependency on collective networks for transport, energy, water, sewage and internet.

To submit your film, documentary, animation, VR-production or short film on city and architecture for AFFR 2021, please click here.

While still affected by the ongoing pandemic, we expect that vaccination efforts and eventual relaxation of measures will allow for a Covid-proof AFFR in October 2021. It will probably be a more compact version of the successful festival as we know it. We are working on new ways of presenting AFFR's beloved films, debates and talk shows: live and online, but having the same impact.

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